Jeffrey Saad On Why No Pantry Is Complete Without BUSH'S Beans, And BUSH'S "Your Chili. BUSH'S® Chili Beans." Contest

Chef Jeffrey Saad is a man of many talents. He opened his first restaurant at the age of 24, was runner up on Season 5 of Next Food Network Star, hosted The Spice Smuggler on Food Network and United Tastes of America on Cooking Channel, is an avid surfer, second-degree black belt, and has published a cookbook, with another in the making. He also works with BUSH'S Beans, and we recently chatted with him about the new "Your Chili. BUSH'S® Chili Beans." Contest and why every pantry should be stocked with BUSH'S variety of beans!

"When I first tried BUSH'S Beans, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the beans and how pure the flavors were," Saad told us. "Now I always have my pantry stocked with them. It's an instant arsenal of texture and flavor. It's real and delicious and their Chili Beans are made with the same ingredients you'll find in your cabinet. You're saving a ton of work too because BUSH'S has already soaked and cooked the beans. They are a powerhouse of flavor. Just pop the top and you're there. BUSH'S Beans are incredibly versatile, work with just about every cuisine, and are a healthy, flavorful, and filling extender for feeding your family."

If you have a chili recipe that you think is a winner, enter the "Your Chili. BUSH'S® Chili Beans." Submit your recipe on the contest page, and it'll be judged by The Daily Meal's editors for creativity, simplicity, versatility, and photo quality. Two winners will be chosen and flown to New York City where they'll shoot a BUSH'S Beans Kitchen Collaboration Demo Video in The Daily Meal's Test Kitchen! The Demo Video will be featured on The Daily Meal Video Network, and your recipe, which you'll fine-tune on camera along with BUSH'S expert chef, Jeffrey Saad, will be promoted on The Daily Meal.

"Be creative, and remember, BUSH'S gives you a head start by providing a high quality bean that won't let you down. From the can to the plate, BUSH'S Beans add texture, flavor and versatility to any dish," Saad said, when asked what advice he'd give to contest entrants. "Make your chili your own, make it a signature dish, and take it to a whole new level."