It'll Make You Crazy to See What 100 Calories Looks Like at America's Leading Fast Food Chains

At fast food chains, 100 calories don’t exactly go a long way

There's 100 calories in half of this tiny quesadilla. 

100 calories is a decent amount of food, for the most part. It’s the right size for a mid-afternoon snack, or a little something to tide you over if you’re feeling a little puckish in between meals. But do you ever wonder what 100 calories look like at America’s leading fast food chains? It might really surprise you. Here are 100 calories at five of them.

McDonald’s: One-Third of a Cheeseburger

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Osseous/ CC4.0

So many calories, so few bites.

A plain ol’ McDonald’s cheeseburger contains 300 calories. Get through one-third of one and that’s 100 calories right there. About two bites, maybe?

Burger King: Two Chicken Nuggets

Photo Modified: Flickr/ irina slutsky/ CC4.0

Also, they come in pretty shapes.

An order of four Burger King Chicken Nuggets contains 190 calories, so each one contains a little less than 50 calories.

Wendy’s: Half a Jr. Frosty

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Jeramey Jannene/ CC4.0

That's about one inch of Frosty.

Wendy’s Jr. Frosty is only a few inches high, and looks miniscule in comparison to even a small Frosty. But they still average about 200 calories, so you’ll only want to eat half, or about four spoonfuls, if you want to keep the calorie count to 100.

Chipotle: One Scoop of Pinto Beans


All those ingredients add up.

That scoop of pinto beans added to your burrito contains 115 calories. A small handful of cheese contains 100 calories as well.

Taco Bell: One-Half of a Mini Beefy Quesadilla

Taco Bell

This contains more than 200 calories.


Taco Bell’s Mini Beefy Quesadilla is essentially just one small flour tortilla folded over with some ground beef and cheese inside, but it contains 210 calories. Might want to stick to just a couple bites.