Internet Debaters Scrambled Over Best Way To Take Eggs Out Of A Carton

At the beginning of the day, we all put our pants on the same way — one leg at a time. But do we unpack our eggs from the same direction, too?  Brian Faughnan raised an important debate on February 3 when he asked, "Hey OCD folks. Do you empty the egg carton right to left, or left to right?"

Faughnan, a communications director from Washington, D.C., reportedly prefers to work from right to left, but not everyone agrees with that method.

"I empty it evenly from either side so that when I take it out of the fridge, it doesn't open up and spill eggs," @colonel_potter opined. The original poster replied, "But if you work from one end, you can snap the carton and throw away the empty half. Better balance then."

"Except the original carton's structural integrity has been compromised. Huge risk," @scottlincicome said.

"Straightened paper clips to reinforce," Faughnan counterattacked.

@tonycorrao piped in with a completely different approach, which is taking from both sides so the center is balanced.

And @cdrsalamander went against all odds and suggested doing away with the carton completely: "Neither. You remove them from the carton and place them in the egg container that came with the fridge. They are more secure there, it is what it was designed for, and more importantly you can re-inspect each egg (you did that at the grocery store first) to make sure it wasn't cracked on the way home or from the car to the kitchen. Once they are relocated to the egg space designed in to the fridge, then you remove them from the front to back, like civilized and sane people. Once empty, clean the egg section before putting in new eggs."

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