Ikea Is Testing A Multi-Colored Veggie Hot Dog, But Only In Sweden

Ikea is testing veggie hot dogs in Sweden. The brand announced the meat-free offering via a press release and a social media post showcasing their new veg-heavy dog. The menu option is currently only available in their Malmö store. The final version will be sold in Ikea stores across Europe beginning August 2018.

Ikea has been trying to create a more inclusive menu featuring plant-based items and meals since 2015, when the brand released veggie meatballs. "With the new veggie hot dog, we can inspire and enable customers to choose a plant-based, more sustainable option at an affordable price," Michael La Cour, the managing director at Ikea Food, told the Independent.

The hot dog itself is made from 100 percent plant-based ingredients, which seems apparent from the photo released by Ikea. The sausage is a swirl of colors, possibly from ingredients like spinach or sweet potato! The photo also shows the snack topped with something purple like pickled onions or cabbage.

Ikea responded to many Instagram commenters who called for a 100 percent vegan hot dog. They relayed that the brand cannot definitively say that the additives used in making the hot dog are completely vegan, but that they are working on it. Should they prevail, we'll definitely be adding Sweden to our list of the 9 best destinations for vegan travelers.