If You Can Find This Pizzeria’s Burglar, You’ll Get Free Pizza for a Year

If you can help local authorities track down the burglar, you can get pizza any time you want for a year, for free

Kaos Pizzeria is willing to reward the winning tipster with free pizza for a full year.

Patrick White, the owner of a pizza shop in Denver, is offering a year of free pizza to the crime scene sleuth who is able to help police track down the thief who broke into White’s restaurant and stole money from two cash registers.

The burglar, who broke into Kaos Pizzeria in Platt Park, was caught on a surveillance camera entering through a back window and stealing approximately $1,000. The thief is a white male with a shaved head who is approximately six feet, two inches tall.

The incident marks the third time that Kaos Pizzeria has been burglarized in recent months, a trend that White is eager to stop.

“If yours is the tip that lands him in jail, we’ll give you free pizza for a year,” Kaos Pizzeria promised on Facebook.

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Kaos Pizzeria has shared video footage of the burglar, urging local patrons to “help protect our community from jerks who skulk about in sunglasses at night and steal from small businesses.”