How To Shop At Whole Foods Without Spending Your Whole Paycheck

Whole Foods has been nicknamed "Whole Paycheck" by some for a reason: It's expensive! It's way too easy to walk in only expecting to spend a little bit of money and walk out 100 bucks poorer. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind if you're looking to save money at this popular chain. Here are our 8 favorites.

Skip the Bulk Nuts
For items like nuts, you'll save money by shopping elsewhere. Instead of $9.99 per pound at Whole Foods, you'll pay closer to $5.99 per pound for the same product elsewhere. You can save money buying bulk spices, though.

Shop Around for Produce
While you can expect to pay more for organic produce at Whole Foods, even conventional produce is more expensive at Whole Foods, sometimes by more than a dollar a pound.

Buy Meat Right Before the Store Closes
If you arrive about a half hour or so before they close, some locations will discount meat from the butcher case.

Bring Your Own Bags and Containers
Even though Whole Foods doesn't charge you for bags, if you bring your own, they'll take about 10 cents off your total for every bag you use. Also, if you bring your own containers and ask the customer service desk to weigh it before you start shopping, the weight of the container won't be factored into the final sale.

Look Out for Deals and Coupons
Since Amazon took over the company, they've been redicing costs on some high-ticket items like meat and seafood; be on the lookout for those specially-priced markdowns. Look online for coupons and sales flyers, too, and pick up a copy of The Whole Deal on your way into the store, as it also contains coupons. Stores also sometimes post deals on their social media pages.

Look for Sale Tags
Items on sale will be identified with yellow tags, usually with a red font.

Don't Buy Pre-Cut Fruit
Just buy the whole fruit and cut it up at home.

Be Smart at the Salad Bar
Heavy food is more expensive, so try to stick to the lighter stuff. Also, skip the fruit and just buy it whole. Find more facts you didn't know about Trader Joe's here!