How Many Hot Dog Brands Are There?

Hot dogs are one of the great American foods (even though they technically have their roots in Germany), and every supermarket in America has some in stock. But, as opposed to some types of food, where just about every company that produces them has national distribution, with hot dogs there's a handful of national companies as well as lots and lots of regional companies.

Some of the largest hot dog brands are ones that you've most likely heard of. Hebrew National, Ball Park, Nathan's Sabrett (which is what just about every New York hot dog is made with), Boar's Head, Oscar Mayer, and healthier brand Applegate Farms can be found essentially nationwide. Smaller manufacturers like Woodson & James, Coleman, and Steakhouse Elite are slightly more difficult to find, and while just about every Chicago hot dog is made with a Vienna Beef frank, you'd be hard-pressed to find it outside of the Chicago area (unless you go to Shake Shack).