How Outback Steakhouse Makes Its Classic Bloomin' Onions

You don't have to dine at the most high-end steakhouses in order to have a good dinner. There are some casual steakhouse chains like Outback Steakhouse where you can enjoy a great-tasting steak in a more relaxed atmosphere. Along with steaks, Outback is also known for appetizers, including the signature Bloomin' Onion.

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The Bloomin' Onion is not only salty and satisfying, but it's pretty cool to look at too. The famous food was created by Outback's founders back in 1988. The dish gets its name because the onions are cut to resemble a spring flower in mid-bloom as the "petals" separate.

Though you might be able to devour one by yourself, this appetizer is intended to be shared among people, and each onion averages about 200 petals. But where do they get onions big enough to make this dish?

Bloomin' Onions are made from super-colossal onions, which can grow to twice the size of a medium-sized onion at around 4 1/2 inches or larger. Outback uses more than 14 million pounds of super-colossal onions per year to make this fan-favorite app.

At one point in the restaurant's history, each petal was sliced and separated by hand. But after the appetizer gained popularity, a contraption was developed to make the process faster. After being cut, the onion is then breaded, fried and then served with Outback's spicy bloom sauce. Bloomin' Onions are cooked and crafted by what Outback calls a "Bloomologist."

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