'How Do You Eat String Cheese?' Is A Strangely Divisive Question

The way that people eat their string cheese says a lot about them. There is one school of thought that believes biting into the whole stick of cheese is the way to go.

People who peel their string cheese tend to be revolted by the idea of just chomping down and would rather take their time slowly peeling the dairy snack apart. Of course, there are also weirdos out there who do something else entirely.

Twitter collected tweets from around the world of Twitter users describing how they enjoy their string cheese but also just going straight for the throats of anyone who disagrees.


Here are their best few:

"I don't understand people who bite string cheese rather than peel it. Why do you want to remove the joy from a very fun snack?" questioned Christina La Porte, who is clearly on Team Peel.

"If you don't have time to peel the string cheese and you have to bite it, your life is too fast paced for me," agreed Kyra Derrick.

"After 19 years of being together, I just found out my wife doesn't peel string cheese but bites it like some sort of savage. The horror..." tweeted Pete Duytschaever.

"I eat string cheese like a candy bar. Come at me," said Twitter user Kalyps providing a mental image we won't soon forget.

"I bite string cheese I don't peel it deal with it don't @ me," Logan Bourlett tweeted basically telling Team Peel to leave him the heck alone.

Of course some people are just wild...

Interestingly, the entire state of Illinois detests when people bite into their string cheese. They consider it the food people hate the most in their state.

Before you go, take our poll! How do you eat your string cheese?