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Hostess Candy Corn Cupcakes Don't Taste Like Candy Corn and Instagrammers Are Peeved

A real Halloween trick of a treat!
candy corn

Hostess has released candy corn-inspired cupcakes, but customers are upset that the cakes do not taste like the Halloween treat.

Hostess released a candy-corn cupcake that is decorated like the Halloween treat, but the product is surprising many food-focused Instagram users because it does not taste like anything other than a vanilla cupcake.

The yellow frosting-topped cupcakes have Hostess’ signature white swirl on top, orange and white sprinkles, and orange frosting in the middle. Nowhere on the packaging does it claim to taste like candy corn, but one Instagram account called Junk Banter felt led astray.

“Lies, lies, lies!” reads the caption on Junk Banter’s post regarding the seasonal treat. “Save your money on the Hostess Candy Corn Cupcakes at Walmart — they're just decorated like candy corn, not flavored anything like them. Peep the description in bottom left for confirmation: frosted yellow cake with creamy filling. Hostess is always clear to specify things like ‘pumpkin spice cake’ or ‘raspberry creamy filling.’ Zero attempts made and zero f---s given to make this taste like candy corn. I don't even LIKE candy corn, but I would have loved to try it in cupcake form. Bulls--- out of 10! The only good news here is they probably would have tasted awful if they WERE candy corn flavored.”

Junk Banter was not the only “Foodsta” to take notice of the fact that these cupcakes do not taste like something you would serve during the witching season. The Snackgator Instagram had a few words to say on the matter.

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“Don't be fooled! These are just plain Hostess cupcakes,” the account expressed. “There’s nothing candy corn about this cupcake, except for the colors. It’s trickery at its best. It literally tastes like a yellow Hostess cupcake with vanilla frosting. The packaging is pretty deceptive. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a delicious cupcake, as all Hostess Cupcakes are delicious. That goes without saying. But candy corn? No, sir. Not even close.”


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