Host A King's Hallowaiian Party Slideshow

Three Eyed Slider

These 3-eyed sliders look like something that may be lying in wait under your bed or in the closet, but they're eat. Banish them from your nightmares by gobbling them up!

Chocolate Chip Pull Bread

Chocolate and cinnamon are the flavors of fall. Kids especially will enjoy pulling pieces off this dessert/appetizer, fueling themselves in the sugar frenzy required at such occasions.

Creamy Caramel Apple Sliders

Small enough so everyone can have their own; big enough to satisfy all the little monsters and mothers alike. Creamy Caramel Apple Sliders from Miss in the Kitchen combine favorite flavors that are sure to be a hit!

Mint N’ Chip FrankenSlider

Frankenstein was never quite so divine! Mint N'Chip Frankensliders will have the little mad scientists screaming, "More, more, more!"

Monster Guac Burger

I've figured it out! The Monster Mash? It's guacamole, and it's fabulous on a burger! Face your fears...and devour them, with this Monster Guac Burger! 

Pineapple (Upside Down) Eyeball Bread:

No need to keep your eye on the Pineapple (Upside Down) Eyeball Bread, because it'll have its eyes on YOU. Does it feel like somebody's watching you?

Pumpkin Pie in a Jar

Scale the scare with something a little sweet, like Pumpkin Pie in a Jar. Bonus: Guests can bring it home with them if they're too full to take another bite!

Spooky Mummy Rolls

Wrap the evening up with Spooky Mummy Rolls, to the squeals of delight from the children. Nobody will guess just how easy they were to make!



Take a bite out of it before it takes a bite out of you! Spear a Vampwich now before it flies off into the night!

The Walking Bread

A grave dessert like the Walking Bread Pudding will have you pieces! Make no bones about it—you've escaped a dead affair with the perfect party fare.