Honoring Thanksgiving Heroes With La Brea Bakery

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we can already taste the turkey and gravy. It's the one day a year we count on to gather the whole family around the table to give thanks for our good fortunes. But not everyone is able to spend this day with their families. Some answer to a higher purpose, whether that's protecting and serving their communities, fighting fires, waiting tables, or taking care of our sick loved ones. It's time these people are honored for the Thanksgiving Heroes that they are.

La Brea Bakery — the provider of all those delightful artisan baked goods you've enjoyed for the past 25 years — is making sure that Thanksgiving Heroes get what they deserve this year. Those who selflessly spend their Thanksgivings in the service of others deserve some recognition for their sacrifice, and you can nominate your Thanksgiving Hero for their chance to win one of five fully catered meals so that they, too, can be a part of the celebration.

I'm nominating two family members in La Brea Bakery's contest: My aunt, Denise Dileo, is a dietary aid at Paradigm Healthcare Center of Torrington. Every other year, it's her turn to work the Thanksgiving shift, where she'll assist in setting up the trays of holiday food for the patients, serving dessert, washing the dishes, and cleaning up after the feast. It's not a prized position — most people would probably overlook her — but what she offers is very necessary to the health and happiness of the patients in her care.

My cousin, Alisha Walker, is a medical-surgical Registered Nurse. This mother of four, who works the third shift at the local hospital, will be whisking off on Thanksgiving evening to provide care for those who are recuperating from illness and surgery, separated from their own families. She probably won't sleep for more than 24 hours straight. But she wouldn't have it any other way.

Everyone should have a place at the table this holiday season! Make sure you nominate your Thanksgiving Heroes by November 15 so they will be in the running for the recognition they so greatly deserve. And, just by nominating them, you'll be entered to win a $100 VISA gift card for yourself! What are you waiting for?