The High Roller in Las Vegas Offers a Unique Way to See the Skyline

Indulge in wine and chocolate pairings while looping around the Vegas skyline

Taste fine chocolates and sip wine high above the Vegas strip.

Las Vegas is the place to roll the dice on experiences that could leave you elated or deflated, but there is one place that will leave you up in the air and perhaps a bit over the moon. The High Roller at the LINQ Promenade gives everyone an opportunity to ride in high style in a spherical orb 550 feet above the ground with a 360-degree view of the famous Las Vegas Strip.  Known as the world’s largest observation deck, surpassing both the Eyes in London and Singapore, these 28 high-tech passenger cabins are no longer just for oohing and aahing.

Recently, the High Roller announced new classes within the climate-controlled comfort of the revolving observation pods. The one we were most excited about was the new wine and chocolate tasting.

Before entering the spherical cabin, we stopped by the High Roller bar to select a red or white wine included in the package. With glass in hand, we were whisked into the orb and introduced to our cabin chocolatier, Tammy Jo, from the local chocolate company Ethel M’s. Tammy detailed the history of Ethel M’s before launching into the chocolate deductive tasting process, which is somewhat similar to a wine tasting. A chocolate-descriptor wheel included all the different components including fruity, floral, or nutty aromas and flavors. We were not allowed to know what type of chocolate we were eating until we made a guess according to our investigation.

With five different chocolates to taste within 30 minutes, we were busy sipping our wine and playing “guess the chocolate,” which left us more in love with and better educated about the process of making and tasting chocolate. Tammy Jo’s educational seminar and tasting while rotating upward and over the valley was a great way to spend an afternoon. Our only regret?  Half an hour is not long enough to savor such lovely treats.

The High Roller is also now offering 30-minute yoga classes. (Trying to balance on one foot while your cabin is slowly moving in a giant circle really takes some concentration.) Learn more about the High Roller observation deck here.


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