Hershey Aims to Provide Nutrition for One Million Children by 2020


Hershey wants to cut down on the number of children who go to school with empty stomachs.

In America, 15 million children struggle with hunger and worldwide, 66 million schoolkids attend class with empty stomachs.Childhood hunger is a serious problem and Hershey is looking to help alleviate it. The Hershey Company has announced the launch of Nourishing Minds, a new philanthropic initiative that will help improve food security worldwide, and aims to feed one million children by the year 2020.

“Since our founding, we focused on giving children the skills, education and support they need to succeed,” said J.P. Bilbrey, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of The Hershey Company in a statement. “As our company continues to grow globally, we are continuing to focus on this same shared social purpose by expanding our efforts with the creativity, skills and passion of Hershey employees around the world. We still believe that bright futures start with basic nutrition, and our global social purpose is grounded in putting strategic action behind our belief.”


Hershey will be partnering with American non-profits like Feeding America and its School Pantry and Kids Café programs, which provide free meals and snacks to low-income children. Abroad, Hershey is partnering with the Ghana School Feeding Programme and Project Peanut Butter for Energized Learning, the flagship Nourishing Minds program in West Africa. Hershey has developed Vivi, a vitamin-packed supplement that will be distributed to thousands of Ghanaian schoolchildren who are under or malnourished.