A Beginner's Guide To Hacking Your In-N-Out Order

The In-N-Out menu is about as simple as it gets, by the looks of it. Burgers, fries, shakes, drinks... That's about it. By now just about everyone is familiar with their "Not-So-Secret Menu" with the animal-style fries on it, but for those in the know it's possible to optimize and customize your order; You just need to know what you want and how to ask for it. Thankfully, one Quora user who worked at In-N-Out for four years decided to gift us with a knowledge dump regarding every component of every food item they serve, and here's what he revealed:

Meat and Cheese
"Meat and cheese can be ordered in any combination," from none of either to four of both patties and cheese slices. You can also order your burger "mustard-grilled" (where mustard is applied to both sides of the patty before it's grilled, or with chile peppers grilled into them.

"Spread (not sauce or secret sauce) can be left off entirely, or replaced with/used in combination with ketchup and/or mustard."

You can order your burger either with or without tomatoes.

"Lettuce can be ordered light or extra, as well as used to replace the bun: a 'protein style' sandwich."

You can ask for onions raw, raw-chopped, and whole grilled; default is to steam them on the grilling patty.

Some locations will add chopped chiles to your burger if you ask for it.

"Buns can be ordered 'no toast', extra toast, or replaced with lettuce."

"Shakes can be ordered in a variety of flavor combinations: any two, or all three (Neapolitan)"

"Fries can be served in several ways: light, well, extra light, extra well, extra salt, no salt, and the famous Animal Style fry: topped with a layer of melted cheese, a splash of spread, and grilled onions." You can also order your fries "light-well," "a mostly-well-done-but-still-tender piece of salty magic."

Even though it's non-standard, you can ask for pickles on your burger.