Here's the Cheese You Should Eat Depending on Your Mood

Washed rind or blue? We’re here for you

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Mumumio/ CC4.0

There's nothing like a wedge of brie to keep you company on a lonely night.

Down in the dumps? Time to eat some cheese! Feeling festive and out with friends? Sure, have some cheese! Cheese is a food for all seasons, for all occasions, and no matter what mood you’re in, there’s a cheese for you. Here are some cheeses for every mood.

Are you depressed? It’s time to treat yourself to something special. Opt for a soft washed-rind cheese, like Époisses or Winnimere. They’re decadent, rich, and they can be eaten with a spoon, just like ice cream.

Looking for a happy cheese? Look no further than fresh mozzarella, or its more luscious and creamy cousin, burrata. These cheeses are made for sharing and pair with everything from fresh tomatoes and basil to figs and honey. They’ll keep you firmly planted in your happy place.

We tend to not give too much thought to food when we’re super excited about something, so if you’re looking for something to nibble on, we suggest a Mini Babybel wrapped in that familiar wax casing. A variant of Edam, this cheese is delicious, but doesn’t require contemplation.

Ticked off about something? You need a cheese intervention, stat. Grab yourself an assertive semi-firm cheese like manchego, Emmenthal, Gruyère, or Comté and a fresh baguette and go to town. The nutty flavor and umami kick will set your mind at ease if that’s what you’re looking for, but if you just want something delicious while you stew, these will work great, too.


If you’re all by yourself and looking for a cheese to keep you company, opt for something that’s familiar and comforting. A triple-cream cheese like high-quality Brie, Brillat-Savarin, or St. Andre will be luscious and rich, not too stinky or complex, and just enough of a splurge to make you feel like you’re doing something special for yourself.