Here's How To Ship In-N-Out Across The Country

One of the great tragedies of the American fast food landscape is the fact that if there aren't any In-N-Outs in your neck of the woods right now, there probably won't be. But should you find yourself craving a Double Double and have a friend who's willing to seriously inconvenience himself in the name of science, there's definitely a way to get one shipped to you.

Now, if you put a burger into a padded envelope and try to ship it 2,000 miles, by the time it reaches its destination it'll be a soggy mess that will in all odds give you a nasty bout of food poisoning. So here's what you do, according to Quora: Step one, find a very, very good friend who lives near an In-N-Out. Step two, get him to buy a Double Double with double meat, no cheese, spread and onions on the side. If they're able to "deconstruct" it by serving the meat, bun, and vegetables all separate, even better. And it's even better if they can cook the meat as little as possible; medium or medium-well is about the best you'll get.

Then, your friend should take them home, but not before picking up an insulated box and some cheese. He should freeze the patties and grilled onions and put them in an insulated bag with frozen ice packs. Two slices of Kraft American cheese still in the wrapper, veggies, spread, and the bun (in Ziploc bags) can go right into the box, with a couple more ice packs. Ship it overnight and it'll make its way across the country with the patties still frozen.

When you receive your package, you're going to have to do some reconstruction. Toast the bun, let the patties come up to room temperature and finish cooking them in a frying pan, and then build: bottom bun, spread, tomato, lettuce, patty, cheese, onions, patty, cheese, top bun.

Good luck on your quest, and pay your buddy back by shipping him a Shake Shack burger in the same fashion.