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These H-E-B Maternity Photos Are the Best Thing You'll See All Day

This looks like the most fun maternity shoot ever

One Texas mom’s maternity photos have gone viral because of how dang relatable they are. Instead of posing in a field of flowers or draped in a gown, Amy Scott of Montgomery, Texas, posed for her maternity photos inside of a local H-E-B grocery store with all the tasty snacks.

The 34-year-old mother of Henry, 5, and Hudson, 4, and the soon-to-be mother of Harrison, told Today that she and her photographer, Lauren Giles, came up with the grocery store idea because she felt most comfortable in her pregnant body when she was eating. “We came up with the grocery store, and that was perfect because it has all of my favorite things,” she said.

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Giles detailed the fun photoshoot on her blog. “We ventured round the aisles to her favorite spots, Baby Harrison was craving kettle corn, and we made a stop to cool the heartburn — introduced Amy to TUMS Smoothies (these are LIFESAVERS) — and continued our way throughout the store. We laughed till we cried and had a blast capturing all those Preggo favs,” she wrote.

“Finished the trip with a bucket of Texas goodness, Blue Bell ice cream, and baby decided he needed a drumstick too. Whatever baby wants, baby gets, right!?”

Studio154 Photography

The pictures of Scott with her hair up in a knot, her comfiest pair of jeans, a cardigan, sneakers, and belly really spoke to mothers everywhere. “I’m not the type of person to get glamorous for a photo shoot, especially in my eighth month of pregnancy,” Scott told ABC News. “Moms can totally relate to just wanting to eat their way through a grocery store while pregnant. There has been so much positive feedback and a lot of ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’”

Studio154 Photography

Giles has received tons of comments on her Studio154 Photography Facebook page and Instagram applauding the creative shoot. She’s been sent comments like, “love the realness!” and “I saw this last night…LOVE, LOVE. LOVE IT!!!” As much as we love this photoshoot, we also love that H-E-B is one of America’s best supermarkets for 2018!

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