Hakkasan Beverly Hills Introduces New Dishes and A New Lounge


One of the new dishes on Hakkasan’s menu includes sea bass.

Hakkasan Beverly Hills recently updated their bar area to include an extended lounge space and also added 13 new dishes to their Cantonese-leaning menu.

The 10,000-square foot remains one of Beverly Hill’s most popular food destinations. Chef Ho Chee Boon has added playful twists to traditional dishes, in turn providing delicious additions to an already diverse menu, including lobster soup with Enoki mushrooms, stir fried squid with cashews, braised abalone, scallops with mango, wok-fried lamb, and stir-fried lobster, among other entrees.

Signature dishes such as the crispy duck salad, Sanpei sea bass, and Shanghai dumplings will remain on the menu, as well as a variety of exotic cocktails including the Smoky Negroni with aged gin, vermouth, and Campari; the Bodhi Blossom with gin, champagne, and grapefruit juice; and the Hakka with vodka, Tozai jummai sake, coconut, and passion fruit.

Desserts include black sesame and chocolate dumplings, frozen mandarin parfait, banana pearl pudding, and an impressive exotic fruit platter.


Hakkasan also offers an extensive dim sum menu with a variety of rolls, dumplings, wok fried fish, meat, and chicken and vegetable, noodle, and rice dishes.