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This Guy Videos Himself Ruining People’s Food Instagram Photos and People Are Seriously Upset

Kevin Freshwater ‘mushes’ friends’ meals in the name of comedy
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A man in the U.K. is monstrously ruining his friends’ would-be aesthetically pleasing food photos — and he captures it all on video. Kevin Freshwater, popular on social media for his prankster antics, posted a video compilation of him “mushing” the meals of lunch and dinner guests. Some victims think the gag is funny while others seem quite upset.

One man in the montage stands up and demands Freshwater get him another cheesecake to replace the one he’s ruined. Furthermore, a woman who’s just received a beautiful dessert grows genuinely sad upon realizing her date has ruined its presentation. The last guy featured in the video may or may not be staring directly into Freshwater’s soul after the joker smashes a cookie and flings it onto his lap.

Warning: This video contains some profanity.

In addition to being a serial meal-smasher, Freshwater claims to be the mastermind behind the popular challenge “The Floor Is Lava.” At any given time if that phrase is mentioned, an opponent must drop everything and get to safety atop any object separating them from the ground, which is faux molten lava.

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