This Guy Lost 50 Pounds Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail — And Took A Selfie Every Day To Prove It

Some people like Cheryl Strayed(a.k.a., the real life person behind Reese Witherspoon's;Wild character) find themselves hiking the more than 2,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from 

Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington.

But Andy Davidhazy, well he lost himself — 50 pounds of himself to be exact.

Davidhazy's journey began as a challenge to himself. "I did the hike for the challenge, and this was the hardest simple thing I could think of," he writes on his website Lost or Found. "There's a lot of things I want to achieve in life, and as I've grown older I have begun to worry that they may not happen. So I wanted to test my limitations, fears and commitment by doing something that had no short cuts. You either hike every foot of the trail (from Mexico to Canada) or you don't."

To that end, when Davidhazy promised himself he'd hike the entire trail — no shortcuts — he decided to take a selfie at each mile: all 2,663 of them. "Taking a photo of myself every mile wasn't about vanity, but rather a way for me to fully commit to the whole hike," he wrote.

The trip took Davidhazy five months to complete, and along the way he shed 50 pounds (and grew a beard). He created a time lapse video of all the photos (it takes about 4 minutes to watch), and you can see the progression of the scenery, and of Davidhazy.

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