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Grocery Store Prices Soar Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Prices took a leap in April
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Trying hard to cut your grocery bill in half but still feeling like your bill has been slightly higher than usual? New data released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics proves you're right — food prices have been on the rise.

Brown Eggs or White? And Other Grocery Questions Answered

Grocery shopping is different during coronavirus, and not just because you should wear face masks while in store. Prices have increased significantly. According to a new economic news release by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics documenting the consumer price index, the price of groceries jumped from 0.5% adjusted in March to 2.6% adjusted in April. In a 12 month period ending in April 2020, grocery store prices rose 4% unadjusted. 

The six major grocery store food groups increased by 1.5% over the month of April, but, according to the data, the price index for meats, poultry, fish and eggs jumped the highest, rising 4.3%. In its largest monthly increase ever, the price index for cereal and bakery products rose 2.9% in April. Grocery shoppers have also found new ways to take their eggs to the next level, and they're paying for it. The price of eggs has changed a lot over the years, but between March and April, eggs increased 16.1%.


Each state has a popular coronavirus cocktail, but Americans are also consuming a high number of nonalcoholic beverages. According to the data, the index for nonalcoholic beverages rose 2.9% in April, its fourth consecutive increase. Americans are also spending time quarantined enjoying their fruits and vegetables: the index for fruits and vegetables both increased 1.5% in April. The index for dairy and non-dairy products also increased by 1.5%. As more and more people become home cooks, saving money at the grocery store might become a challenge, especially considering  the average price changes for popular grocery store items during coronavirus.