Gordon Ramsay Just Opened A New Pizza Restaurant

It's official: Gordon Ramsay's pizza restaurant, dubbed "Street Pizza," is now open for business. The London eatery, located in the One New Change development at 10 Bread St., will sell pizza, snacks, and drinks seven days a week. And when the sun goes down Thursday through Saturday — a rotating roster of all-female DJs will play into the night.

"Grab a pizza the action ... my brand new #pizza restaurant @GRStreetPizza opens today in #London. I promise it'll be right #UpYourStreet," the celebrity chef wrote of the grand opening on Twitter.

On the menu, hungry diners will be happy to see an option for "bottomless" artisanal pizza. For just £15 ($21), customers can fill their faces with unlimited Margherita, pepperoni, vegan charred eggplant, or corn and chorizo pies. For those looking for a small snack, the menu also bears mixed olives, mixed nuts, and a side salad, and sugar fiends can satisfy their sweet tooth with Negroni ice cream or tiramisu.

The adult beverage list is short and to the point, with prosecco, wines, beer, and classic cocktails including a hard lemonade and spritzer. This sounds great and all, but for those of us on the other side of the pond, it's actually pretty sad that we won't be able to "grab a pizza the action." Thankfully, there's a plethora of perfectly pleasant pies right here in America. Here's where to find the very best slice in every single state.