Gordon Ramsay Is Getting His Own Mobile Game

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will lend his likeness and voice to the game, as well as give creative direction
Gordon Ramsay Is Getting His Own Mobile Game

RoidRanger / Shutterstock.com

Now that he’s conquered nearly every other entertainment medium, Gordon Ramsay is coming for your smartphone. 

Now that Gordon Ramsay has three Michelin stars, several lucrative restaurants, and of course, several successful television shows, the occasionally fearsome, occasionally friendly celebrity chef is taking a page from the Kim Kardashian book of financial hyper-security — his own mobile game.

Details about the game remain relatively sparse, but we can safely expect Ramsay’s role as an international “culinary master” to be front and center. Ramsay himself will provide his voice and likeness for the game, as well as creative input.

And, judging from Ramsay’s television credits, we’re guessing that the game, developed in collaboration with mobile game maker Glu Mobile Inc., will require players to win the culinary approval of an intimidating chef Ramsay, à la Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef.


In a press release, Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi went for the most obvious one-liner, calling the collaboration a “recipe for success.” A global release is slated for summer 2016.