The Go-To Spot for Nuggets in NYC

There’s a reason this place is named The Nugget Spot

When faced with this many nuggets, we rank the best.

You’d go to a bar for drinks, right? So why not take that single-mindedness somewhere a little more inventive?

NYC is full of fun, single-destination spots to eat one item in a number of varieties done really well. There's Egg Shop, The Meatball Shop, Otto’s Tacos, MacBar, Porchetta, all of which are self-explanatory.

Now, there's The Nugget Spot for nuggets. Yep, just nuggets. So many chicken nuggets... Plus, no matter how many you eat, you’ll be able to remember how you got home. Aside from feeling slightly piggish, you won’t actually be hungover for work.

Here is our definitive ranking:      

#9 Mozz Nugs (Vegetarian): Mozzarella with House blended Italian breadcrumbs and Spicy Tomato sauce

#8 Popo (Vegan & Gluten-Free): Can be used to replace any meat flavor

#7 Cap’n Crunk: Slightly sweet, crunchy cereal crust with Crunk Sauce

#6 Southern Belle: Special seasoned flour with Smokin' J's BBQ Sauce

#5 Skinny Nugs (Not Fried): Cajun seasoned and pan-seared nuggets with Mambo Sauce

#4 Buffalo: Nuggets tossed in Homemade Heat sauce with Tudie’s blue cheese

#3 Tso Tswag: Nuggets tossed in Tswag Sauce topped with scallions and sesame seeds

#2 Sriracha Nugs: Spicy, sriracha-seasoned (not sauced) nuggets with O.G. Ranch


#1 Cheese N’ Chong: Nuggets tossed in homemade cheese powder with O.G. Ranch