Gingerbread Men Live In Houses Made Of Their Own Flesh, And Twitter Can't Handle That

Gingerbread men are so cute, they taste incredible and they're basically the epitome of a happy holiday cookie. I mean, Gingy β€” baked by the Muffin Man himself β€” is arguably the best supporting character in "Shrek." Not the gumdrop buttons! Well, per usual, someone on Twitter noticed something alarming about thisΒ festive treat, and now we may never be able to look at them the same again.

The Best Cookie in Every State

"Are we supposed to just accept that gingerbread men live in houses built from the flesh of their fellow men?" @House_Feminist asked,

Someone immediately followed up with this photo of a super creepy and suspicious-looking cookie that may or may not actually be a serial killer.

"I am shook," @papasuncle wrote, to which @House_Feminist replied, "I know man I wrote this at 3 a.m. last night and I haven't been the same since."

"Now all I see from my 7-year-old's creation is flesh and destruction," @AimeeStates said.

"It's a cruel cruel world we live in," @CanucksIn4 said.


Then things got even more serious and @MikeOdenthal dropped this bombshell: "As with humanity, the gingerbread folk live a life of constant terror and anguish brought upon them by a sadistic creator. but in regard to the latter, the creator in question is Man, a being more twisted and perverted than even the most hateful god."

As if that weren't enough, @AlessandChou chimed in and said, "And when it's snowing, do snowmen see it as their flesh falling from the sky?" to which @ParadoxyIntent replied, "IT'S RAINING MEN~!"

And that's enough of the internet for us today, folks. If you just can't bring yourself to enjoy gingerbread men or houses after reading this article, we're sorry, but don't panic! There are other holiday cookies on the horizon that are just as delicious.