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This GIF of Johnny Depp Eating Doritos Has Gone Viral for the Most Relatable Reason

“Same," “Literally me”
Johnny Depp

Girl Life posted a GIF that has gone viral due to how relatable it is and people on Facebook are calling themselves out for it.

Girl Life posted this GIF of Johnny Depp eating Doritos and wearing a robe with a forlorn look on his face to Facebook, with the caption “I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym again this morning. That’s 5 years in a row now.” Since being posted on Nov. 9, the GIF has received 15 million views and 63,000 likes.

The GIF, taken from the 2004 film Secret Window, is a spot-on depiction of basically any time you’ve ever been sad or tired and snacked in bed. But Girl Life's spot-on caption for the GIF is what women (and men) are loving so much about the super relatable Facebook post. It’s been shared over 146,000 times!

“How I feel every time you tell me you went to the gym before work, when I know full well I was sitting on the floor of my kitchen with a bag of dates and a tub of tahini,” commented Rhiannon Butler who tagged a friend.

“Dude I was literally just sitting on my couch watching TV eating Doritos in my pajamas thinking about the gym an hour ago. And then I see this,” wrote Hayden Alsvig.


Of course, many people commented exactly how we felt when we first saw this GIF: “this has literally been me all week,” “this is me,” “literally me,” and the ever popular short but sweet “same.” We guess that’s why going to the gym is probably one of the smartest New Year’s resolutions we can make for 2018!