Get Ready, Boston: Dîner en Blanc is Coming in September

What began as an impromptu, all-white dinner in Paris 27 years ago, is now a world-renowned event

An on-theme table setting at Dîner en Blanc.

Elegance. Timing. Intrigue.

These are some of the words that come to mind when people think of "Dîner en Blanc." What began as an impromptu, flash mob-esque, all-white dinner in Paris 27 years ago, is now a world-renowned event, hitting many of the major cities across the globe. Boston will be hosting its second American installment of this dinner on September 10.

On a designated evening, a number of lucky guests show up at a designate meeting place at a specific time. They are then escorted to an outdoor location which is kept a secret until the moment the meal begins. This already sounds like a thrilling evening of intrigue, but add to the recipe the all-in-white theme, and you have yourself one of the most picturesque group dinners of all time.

Participants of Dîner en Blanc are expected to uphold a tight modicum of tradition. All guests must be clad entirely in white; they must bring a white table and white chairs. The beverage for the evening will be champagne or white wine.

Hosts always have the interesting job of navigating each different city’s permitting laws and restrictions, and Boston has a variety of its own to be sure. For this evening, guests may choose to bring their own food, or pre-purchase a selection from a variety of picnic boxes. As far as beverages go, champagne and white wine may also be pre-purchased on the Diner en Blanc website.

Despite everything being in white, the food is where guests can really get creative. Set up a vivacious charcuterie board, or stay classy with different cheeses and white grapes; toss up a summer salad or pre-heat an entire roast — the choice is entirely yours.


Whether you decide to pick up a picnic basket at the event or to bring your own spread, this evening is sure to be one of the most memorable spectacles around. The RSVP list may be full already, but there is always a chance to get in on the wait list. Check out their interactive website and get your name on the list, if not for this year, than the next, as Dîner en Blanc is sure to return!