Get Deliciously Messy In Chicago With Lowcountry's Seafood Boil

Get ready for one heck of a great mess. Lowcountry has brought the Southern seafood boil to Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood with lots of spice and no need for silverware.

The new restaurant welcomes you with charming coastal décor: wooden siding lines the walls like a beachside shanty and glass terrariums hang from knotted ropes from the ceiling. Chalkboards list out the beer on tap and seafood available to order. A mossy green back wall has a window into the busy kitchen. The atmosphere is fresh and clean, a stark contrast to the experience you are about to have.

The Lowcountry kitchen serves seasonal seafood boiled in large bags in your choice of seasoning. Lemon pepper, Cajun, and garlic can be chosen, but for the most flavorful boil, mix them together in an Everything bag. Tools are provided to help you get inside some of the tougher shellfish, but your hands will be doing most of the work, so prepare to get messy.

Sausage and corn on the cob join the seafood in its preparation, absorbing the tasty broth and adding another delicious option to chomp on. You can order a number of non-boil dishes as well. The calamari is crispy and not too heavily battered, mixed in with a punch of peppers. The sweet-glazed cornbread and seasoned fries are great for soaking up that extra boil broth.

Once the meal is done and you've made good use of the double basin in the middle of the restaurant, you may want to sneak downstairs for a look at the other half of the business. Called Clark St Karaoke, the fully stocked basement bar has five private rooms where you and your friends can sing your hearts out without any heckling from strangers. Bottle service is available in the rooms, and don't worry if you can't get through one — the staff will hold the bottle for your next visit up to six months.

Lowcountry and Clark St Karaoke opened on September 15, so grab your plastic bibs and head over!