Georgia Chick-fil-A Honors Veterans with a ‘Missing Man’ Table

The franchise in Marietta set up a symbolic table with a place setting, a letter, folded American flag, and place setting

The table will be on display until November 14.

In celebration of Veteran’s Day, a Chick-fil-A in Marietta, Gerogia, is honoring fallen soldiers with a Missing Man Table.

On November 9, Alex Korchan, the store manager, set up a table on which are positioned a folded American flag, a place setting, and symbolic items including a single red rose in a vase (symbolizing the blood shed by armed forces members) and grains of salt (representing tears shed for the lost).

The table is the restaurant's version of the Missing Man Table, also called the Fallen Comrade Table, set up in military mess halls to honor service members who have been slain in the line of duty or are missing or imprisoned. Chick-fil-A, famous for espousing Christian causes, includes a Bible on its table, not standard on military bases.

“Our team just decided we wanted to honor veterans and do a setup honoring military,” Korchan told WSB-TV News.

The chicken chain offered free meals to veterans and their families from 5 to 8 p.m. on Veteran’s Day, but thought that the Missing Man Table would be a different and special way to honor the occasion.

“We’ve had a lot of people who have come in and seen it and been touched by it,” Korchan told WSB-TV News. “It’s been special to see.”

Customers can also write thank you letters to military servicemen and -women to add to the table, and Korchan asked his employees to share photos of their family who are either active or retired members of the military.


The Missing Man Table will remain set up until November 14.