Gallow Green, New York’s Coolest Rooftop Restaurant, Launches Seasonal Menu, Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

The top of the McKittrick Hotel is a certified hotspot
Gallow Green Pizza

Dan Myers

The Tunisian pizza is topped with merguez, eggplant, scallions, and feta.

You’ve most likely heard of Sleep No More, the immersive theatrical experience that’s become a certified cultural juggernaut in New York. The choose-your-own-adventure show takes up several floors of the McKittrick Hotel, a former warehouse on the far west side of Manhattan that’s been completely transformed by the company behind the show, but there’s a lot more going on inside the building than just that. There’s also a bar called Manderley Bar, a restaurant and supper club called The Heath, and a rooftop restaurant called Gallow Green, and they’ve all been designed with the same wildly creative eye that’s been transporting Sleep No More audiences to the early twentieth century.

This creativity is on full display on the roof, which is about as lush and vibrant as a roof garden can get, with surprises around every corner including a train car, a trellis covering an old train track, a swing for two, and a shoeshine station. Their brunch buffet is going down as a must-visit, but they’ve also really stepped up their dinner game lately with the addition of a wood-burning pizza oven and new seasonal dishes and cocktails, which we had the opportunity to sample during a recent press dinner there.

Signature cocktails include the Fresh Cut (cucumber, epazote, rum, chartreuse), Sleep No More (mescal, berry shrub, ginger beer), Something Wicked (tequila, pineapple, piri piri, tamarind agave), and A Rose By Any Other Name (tea, rye whiskey, lemon). Appetizers include a generous crudité bowl, a charcuterie board, mini lobster rolls, roasted carrot salad, lamb and ricotta meatballs, fried crab-stuffed squash blossoms, and fried oysters. And the pizzas are available in six varieties: margherita, pepperoni, Tunisian (merguez sausage, eggplant, scallion, feta), mushroom (with sage, baby kale, garlic, Cheddar curds, and taleggio), zucchini (with squash blossoms, cherry tomato, ricotta, and basil), and cauliflower (with za’atar, tahini, chile flakes, lemon, and parsley). The pizzas are expertly prepared, and there’s not a clunker in the bunch.

Here’s an ideal evening: Start with cocktails at The Heath, make your way up for dinner at Gallow Green, see Sleep No More (make sure you buy tickets far in advance), then finish with a nightcap at the Manderley Bar. Alternately, you can just make an evening of pizzas and cocktails with spectacular views of the West Side and still have a night to remember.