Futuristic ‘McDonald’s Next’ Has Mood Lighting, Plus Asparagus and Quinoa

McDonald’s has hired an Australian design firm to create a more upscale version of itself, called ’McDonald’s Next’
Futuristic ‘McDonald’s Next’ Has Mood Lighting, Plus Asparagus and Quinoa

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Cory Doctorow/CC BY SA 2.0

The minimally branded restaurant features sleeker staff uniforms and plenty of neutral tones instead of the company’s signature splashes of yellow and red.

A newly opened McDonald’s in Hong Kong, called “McDonald’s Next,” hopes to compete with higher-end burger restaurants in the area — with sophisticated menu offerings like asparagus and quinoa.

The futuristic concept offers mood lighting and built-in phone chargers, and an exposed kitchen, so that customers can see their food being made.

Created as “an experiment in non-design,” McDonald’s Next, features lots of neutral tones that are meant to signal “a simpler, quieter, and more classic approach,” according to design firm Landini Associates.

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Apart from a giant yellow “M” for McDonald’s on the window, there are few familiar signs of the burger chain, which is the point of the project. “The intention is to hero the food, the service, and the people who come to enjoy it, and to create a ‘recognizable neutrality’ that allows this to happen,” said Landini Associates. More “McDonald’s Next” restaurants are reportedly in the works for the rest of Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Australia.

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