Fundamentalist Advocacy Group One Million Moms Accuses Olive Garden of Cozying Up to Satan

A new campaign from One Million Moms contends that Olive Garden’s support of the Fox Show “Lucifer” is “glorifying Satan”
Fundamentalist Advocacy Group One Million Moms Accuses Olive Garden of Cozying Up to Satan

Olive Garden

In the early stages of their campaign, the Moms have taken to flooding Olive Garden’s Facebook page with pleas to withdraw its support of the Devil.

A conservative advocacy group called One Million Moms has launched a campaign against the family-friendly restaurant chain Olive Garden for “sympathy towards the Devil,” in the form of its sponsorship of the Fox program Lucifer, which OMM calls “spiritually dangerous.”

The group, formed by the fundamentalist Christian American Family Association, calls on moms who find themselves “fed up with the filth many segments of our society, especially the entertainment media,” to band together and “give moms and impact with the decision-makers” of the media industry.

Other campaigns waged by the Moms include “Urge Disney Channel to Stop Airing Freeform Previews” and a war against Doritos Rainbow chips, launched by Frito-Lay in support of the LGBT organization It Gets Better.

Now, One Million Moms is accusing Olive Garden, which had the audacity to advertise its food during a Fox television show, of using its advertising dollars to support “sympathy towards the Devil and glorifying Satan.” Olive Garden is asked to withdraw its financial support of Lucifer immediately, or else face the wrath of the Moms. Currently, the Moms are attempting to get their message across by flooding Olive Garden’s Facebook page with threats and pleas to stop “siding with Satan.”

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