fruit shapes
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People Reshape Fruit, Twitter Rages

People are growing their fruits and vegetables into fashionable shapes
fruit shapes
adventtr / istockphoto

Square watermelons have been around since the 1980s, but other shapes are becoming popular now.

Have you ever wanted to customize the shape of your homegrown pears, apples, or pumpkins? Well, now’s your chance because for some reason someone invented plastic molds that will force your growing fruits and vegetables into all kinds of shapes — hearts, skulls, stars, even Donald Trump.

According to BBC News, a Japanese farmer invented square watermelons in the 1980s so they would fit better in fridges and wouldn’t roll around when it came time for slicing. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that this variety can sell for between $75 and $100 per melon.

The online publication Insider recently produced a video highlighting fruit molds that allow people to grow fruits into “fun shapes,” but many viewers are unhappy about humans’ latest alterations, and one woman is even wondering whether or not the fad is putting fruit in distress.

“Mother Nature is tired of us,” @deray wrote.

“Yet another unrealistic beauty standard,” @drewcrew_14 said.

“Humans literally mess with everything...,” @falasteensalah opined.

“Buddha didn’t achieve enlightenment to be used as a fruit mold,” @pancakesprince said.

“How about we vegetate damaged soil and use GMOs to make it possible for fruit and vegetables to grow in abundance in any climate across the world AND make it affordable so we can end world hunger? …this is cute tho,” @sasoriza_chan wrote.

“Imagine sending your vegan crush a heart shaped watermelon,” @bananabillll said.

“Why does this make me feel like these fruits are in pain,” @madisonjheath wondered.

@EARTH2TEN ended it all with this declaration: “Just eat your fruit and go.”

If you, like many of these folks, would rather keep your food in its traditional state, have a little fun with pasta instead. Noodles have always come in all different shapes and sizes, and one kind even looks like a little ear. Find all this and more in the ultimate guide to pasta shapes.

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