Vegan Camembert Cheese From France Is Real, and It's Already Sold Out

J’adore fromage

Good news for vegans who still get a hankering for creamy soft cheeses! Vegan “Camembert” is now a thing that exists! French entrepreneur Anne Guth has launched her own dairy-free Camembert made with cashew milk.

The 28-year-old sells the dairy free treat on her website Les Petits Veganne. According to The Telegraph, during a TV segment on Franceinfo, Guth shared that the technique to making her vegan cheese is fairly similar to the technique used in making dairy cheese. "The only thing we do not go through is the curdling stage, because I do not use milk,” she said.

Of course, French food quality laws forbid Guth from labeling her creation as cheese — instead she calls it a “vegetable specialty.” Camembert du Normandie must technically be made from raw cow’s milk cheese in Normandy; Guth produces her cheeses in Sarralbe in the Moselle region.

Unfortunately, the French vegan cheese has already sold out. But do not despair! The cheese artisan told the European news outlet that, "In a month or two, we will have the capacity to produce 3,000 cheeses per month."

Guth’s version of Camembert currently retails for £9.60 ($13.32) and her site also offers vegan blue cheese, a dairy-free garlic soft cheese, and a vegan cheese made with turmeric (also all sold out). Looking to go vegan? These 7 easy recipes can help you achieve a dairy-free, egg-free, and meat-free lifestyle.

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