France Outlaws Meaty Descriptors On Plant-Based Grocery Items

Food makers in France will have to put their thinking caps on to brainstorm new names for plant-based products labeled with meaty descriptors. According to the U.K.'s Independent, the French Parliament has voted in favor of banning phrases including "vegetarian sausage" and "vegan bacon" because it could mislead shoppers.

Other untouchable words for products made from tofu or soy include "burger," "steak," "sausage," "fillet," "ham," and "chicken." This rule also applies to dairy alternatives, meaning non-dairy products mustn't be branded "milk" or "butter." Producers who refuse to cooperate will be fined up to €300,000 ($364,864).

Some people on Twitter are a little confused about the new rule.

"Did the French consumer think that a 'vegetarian sausage' was, in fact, a sausage made of vegetarians? Sausage is a shape, surely, bit a product," @SimonSneddon wrote.

"This is dumb. What's the difference? What's the worst thing that could happen? Oh no! I ate a vegetable instead of a slaughtered animal. Dear God!" @KingdomCatalyst exclaimed.

Others applaud the move to protect innocent omnivores from being victimized by plant-based fraud.

"France is the hero we need but we don't deserve," @SJisPunkRock said.

"As someone who has accidentally eaten vegetarian sausages and a burger thinking it was meat based, I applaud this. BTW I LOVE my veggies so don't come at me," @shaydeeangel declared.

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