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A Food Guide to 2012's Best Picture Nominees Slideshow

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The Artist

• To get out of an argument with his wife (Penelope Ann Miller), George Valentin (the main character, played by Jean Dujardin) tries to lighten the mood by dipping his head into his breakfast and getting their dog, Uggie, to lick whipped cream off his nose.

• On the evening of his big movie premiere, Valentin dines out with his chauffeur at the same restaurant where up-and-coming starlet, Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), is being interviewed by the press. The two actors have a confrontation about the changing times of the film industry.

• Valentin’s butler is seen chopping up vegetables in the kitchen just before he is fired.

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The Descendants

• The final scene of the movie features the three main characters, Matt (George Clooney), Alex (Shailene Woodley), and Scottie (Amara Miller) eating ice cream together while watching March of the Penguins.

• Matt announces his plans to keep his family’s plot of land on Kauai during a backyard barbecue.

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

• During a flashback to 9/11, Oskar (Thomas Horn), the main character, is sent home from school and, still oblivious to the events, decides to stop for a juice before reaching his apartment.

• Later in the movie, Oskar shares a juice box with The Renter (Max von Sydow), a man who he meets during his expedition to discover clues left by his father (Tom Hanks).


The Help

• At the start of the movie, the ladies meet up for bridge club at Elizabeth Leefolt’s (Ahna O'Reilly) house. One of the maids, Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer), makes a chocolate pie to bring over to the party.

• Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard) fires Minny for using the family's bathroom instead of the one outside, then to get back at her Minny deficates in a chocolate pie and serves it to Hilly. Later on, Hilly's mom (Sissy Spacek) buys another one of Minny's pies during a silent auction on behalf of Hilly as a joke.

• After Minny gets fired from her job she is hired by Celia Foote (Jessica Chastain), who wants to learn how to cook. She’s particularly interested in learning how to make fried chicken. Later in the movie Celia surprises Minny with a feast of all the foods minnie taught her to make

• Skeeter (Emma Stone) gets set up on a blind date; she’s the only one in the restaurant to thank the black waiter for serving them.

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• The main character, Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield), resorts to stealing food to survive while living in train station.

• One of the primary characters, Madame Emilie (Frances de la Tour), runs the train station café that Hugo often frequents.


Midnight in Paris

• One of the films’s opening scenes features main character Gil (Owen Wilson) and his fiancée, Inez (Rachel McAdams), sitting down to a fine meal in Paris with Inez’s parents (Kurt Fuller and Mimi Kennedy). They run into Paul (Michael Sheen), an old college friend of Inez, and his wife, Carol (Nina Arianda), during dinner.

• The following day, Gil, Inez, Paul, and Carol spend the day together and end up going to a wine tasting and dinner afterward.

• The first time Gil is transported back to the 1920s he goes to a restaurant with Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald (Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston), where they meet Ernest Hemingway (Corey Stoll). Gil returns to the restaurant in present time the next day and finds that it’s become a laundromat.

• Inez dines alone with her parents one evening and tells them that she’s decided to go out dancing with Paul since Carol is sick in bed and Gil is busy working on his novel.

• Near the end of the film, Gil and Adriana (Marion Cotillard) travel further back in time to the Belle Époque, where they dine at legendary Paris restaurant Maxim's and meet some of the most iconic artists and thinkers of the era.

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• Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), the main character, eats frequently throughout the movie, including everything from doughnuts to chewing gum.

• In one scene, Beane’s daughter (Kerris Dorsey) asks him if he thinks he’ll lose his job while they eat ice cream sundaes in the kitchen.

• David Justice (Stephen Bishop), a former Yankee who has been traded to the Oakland's A's, goes to grab a soda from the vending machine outside the locker room and discovers he has to pay for it, because the team cannot afford to provide their players with free refreshments.

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The Tree of Life

• In a scene that establishes the mood and tone of the O’Brien family, they enjoy a typical dinner together near the start of the movie. Mr. O’Brien (Brad Pitt) disrupts the meal to teach his sons about the importance of classical music.


War Horse

• Albert (Jeremy Irvine), the main character, works on his father’s farm tending to the crops and selling them in the village.

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The King's Speech

• The royal family sits down to dinner and King George V (Michael Gambon) passes away. 

• Upset over his father's death, Prince Albert (Colin Firth) asks Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) to pour him something "stronger" than tea. They bond over drinks. 

• Albert admits to Lionel that when he was a child, his nanny would starve him, which Lionel concludes must have been a contributing factor to his stammer. 

• When Myrtle Logue (Jennifer Ehle) meets Albert (now King George VI) and Queen Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) in her home, she invites the couple to stay for dinner. The Queen replies that they have to decline due to a "previous engagement."

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The Hurt Locker

• Near the end of the movie, William James (Jeremy Renner), the main character, returns home after a tour in Iraq and his wife, Connie (Evangeline Lilly), asks him to go to the grocery store to buy cereal. James gets overwhelmed in the store and has trouble deciding what kind of cereal to buy.

• In a following scene, James makes dinner and recalls memories of his time in Iraq.


Slumdog Millionaire

• The three main characters, Jamal (Ayush Mahesh Khedekar), Salim (Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail), and Latika (Rubina Ali) find their way to a community of orphaned children, where they drink cold Coca-Cola and enjoy a large meal.

• The story skips ahead to when Jamal (Tanay Chheda) and Salim (Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala) are in their teens and working in a restaurant in their hometown.

• Years later, Jamal (Dev Patel) finds Latika (Freida Pinto) again when she is living with her boyfriend, a mobster named Javed (Mahesh Manjrekar). He poses as a dishwasher to get into Javed’s mansion and is ordered to make him a sandwich, which Latika helps him do.


No Country for Old Men

• One of the main characters, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), snacks on a bag of nuts in blue packaging while he's questioning the owner of a gas station about what time he closes and where he lives.

• Later in the movie, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) meets Carla Jean Moss (Kelly Macdonald) in a restaurant, where he asks her about the whereabouts of her husband.


The Departed

• In the opening scene of the movie, a young Colin Sullivan (Conor Donovan) meets mob boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) while he’s buying groceries at a local deli. Costello buys Sullivan’s groceries for him and asks him to come see him if he needs anything else.

• A number of scenes take place in Costello’s bar, which is located in South Boston.



• In one of the opening scenes of the film, Rick and Jean Cabot (Brendan Fraser and Sandra Bullock) walk back to their car after eating dinner at a restaurant and are carjacked.

• Detective Graham Waters (Don Cheadle) goes to visit his mother (Beverly Todd), a drug addict, and remarks about whether she’s been eating since there appears to be no food in the apartment.

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