Flaming Cheese Sets Off Sprinkler System at Baltimore Restaurant

A Greek cheese dish got a little too fiery

Things got hot at this dinner in Baltimore.

An important dinner in Baltimore got a little wetter than expected after a flaming cheese dish set off the restaurant’s sprinkler system. According to a local ABC affiliate, a man named James Hughes was dining with international business partners at Cava Mezze, where he ordered saganaki — a Greek-America cheese dish that waiters often set on fire for ultimate table presentation.

Hughes — who works for Oath, a digital media company owned by Verizon — took a video of the horrifying scene, which was later uploaded to the internet. In the video, four servers are seen torching their skillets and consequentially taking a powerful blast of grayish water directly to the face. After moving to safety, scurrying customers begin to giggle and gather their belongings. One man laughs hysterically, clutches his chest, and excitedly claps. The viral 30-second clip now has over 91,000 views on YouTube since its upload date of April 18.

“When the sprinklers initially went off, we couldn't stop laughing. It was just so shocking, and we were having such a great time all night that we couldn't help but laugh,” Hughes told The Baltimore Sun. “The staff treated us amazing all night, very attentive, and made for a memorable night, even without the sprinkler fire.”

Cava Mezze faced minor damage to a printer and a phone, but the restaurant was able to reopen for business the following day. And apparently, the demand for saganaki has only increased since the pratfall. For more highly sought-after fromage, here’s where to find the 15 best over-the-top grilled cheese sandwiches in America.