Fine American Dining At Denver's Milk & Honey Bar And Kitchen

Milk & Honey, one of the latest additions to the Denver restaurant scene, was co-founded by nationally renowned chef Michael Shiell and managing partner Christopher Rehm in 2015. Located just below street level in Denver's historic Larimer Square, this fine-dining eatery serves up new American cuisine with European influences.

Milk & Honey is set back from the street. Use a street meter or valet, or pay at one of the nearby parking lots or garages. Then, make your way through an alleyway off of Larimer and head downstairs to the restaurant.

The space, which has a luxury tavern ambiance, is divided between a bar and lounge and the dining area. We were seated promptly in the dining room, which has a clean, modern black-and-white motif with exposed brick walls and dark wood ceilings. The oversized booths were plush, comfortable, and upholstered in faux black snakeskin.

One standout feature is the waitstaff, who are well trained to make tableside recommendations for food and drinks. Indeed, our server seemed to be as well versed in cuisine as many chefs. He was able to elaborate on the finer elements of each dish, which added to the overall enjoyment of the meal.

The menu features a variety of snacks, small plates, veggies, and entrees, all at affordable price points for a fine dining, Zagat-rated restaurant ($6-$41). The atmosphere is informal, and dishes are seasonally prepared and locally sourced whenever possible. This is all by design. Executive chef Michael Shiell says: "We developed a delightful range of dishes for this unique dinner menu to provide many possible pairings and combinations. For couples and groups who want to sample many distinct flavors, this is the ideal experience."

Start with one of the signature cocktails, like the Milk & Honey, made with vanilla tequila, carob, almond milk, and honey ($12). Or try my personal favorite, the Colorado Hug, blended with pear-infused Deep Eddy vodka, St. Germain, honey, lime, and cucumber ($14).

For snacks, try the shishito peppers with soy and ginger and topped with bonito flakes ($10). These are one of the most popular appetizers, perfect for enjoying on the open patio during the spring and summer. Although most of the peppers are fairly mild, about every 13th one packs a little heat — sort of a game of pepper roulette.

Next up are the in-demand balsamic-glazed ribs with basil and Aleppo pepper ($12). They're small, sweet, and fall-off-the-bone, and you may be easily tempted to make these the entire meal — but save room.

Bone marrow has worked its way into the collective culinary scene, but here, the chefs add a couple of interesting upgrades. For the bone marrow brûlée, the chefs caramelize the tops of the bones, which adds a crispy sweet contrast to the savory marrow ($13). Onion marmalade and country toast accompany the dish.

For your entrée, choose between chicken, duck, fish, or beef. If you are craving meat, go for the Soy Dip't Beef Filet with tobacco onion, Chinese mustard, and a classic French bordelaise ($41). The meat is painstakingly ladled with soy sauce, creating a nice crust and intense flavor.

What would a fine meal be without dessert? One great choice at Milk & Honey is the salted caramel pot de crème with Chantilly cream and Maldon salt ($7). This cool, creamy, sweet, and salty dessert will top off your evening and undoubtedly have you thinking about a return visit.


FTC Disclosure: This was a sponsored visit; however, all opinions herein are the author's.