Fillows Cereal Is Stuffed With Cream And We're Totally Here For It

General Mills announced not one, but two brand-new cereals called "Fillows," and both are filled with "crème," which is just a fancy French word for "cream." Yes, the name is weird, and the thought of cream-filled cereal sounded even weirder to us at first. But, oh Fillows, how wrong we were to doubt you. Before their official launch, The Daily Meal received samples of both Fillows flavors — Hershey's Cookies 'n' Crème and Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll — and they're actually incredible.

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We didn't have milk on hand, so we nibbled both types of Fillows dry, and they were so good. The filling wasn't as creamy as we thought it would be, and there was a lot less of it in each piece than the package indicates. But less is more in this case. The creamy inside had the consistency of the center of Cow Tales, and it tasted like the icing you get with Toaster Strudels.

Let's talk about the crunchy outer shell. The Hershey's flavor mimicked the classic chocolate bar everyone knows and loves. One editor compared the taste to Cocoa Puffs, and another said that in combination with the vanilla cream it was similar to Oreos or, more specifically, Oreo O's cereal. The Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Fillows are a magical combination of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the form of a baby pillow and sweet cream. You can't go wrong with that.

Despite Fillows being jam-packed with sugar (as many cereals are), they have our stamp of approval. We ate them dry like barbarians, so we can only imagine how heavenly they'd taste in a bowl of milk. If you want to try Fillows for yourself, you can find them at select stores now for $3.98 per family-sized box. They'll become more widely available this fall, when perhaps they'll show up at the best grocery store in your state.