Pepperoni Is America's Favorite Pizza Topping

What's your go-to pizza topping? When you place your order at one of America's top pizza chains, do you load it up with veggies? Pack on as many meats as it'll hold? Or are you a purist who sticks with just cheese? Online pizza ordering platform Slice has released its first Annual Pizza Report, and one topping emerged as more popular than all the rest: pepperoni.

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Slice has partnered with more than 12,000 pizzerias nationwide, and its number crunchers have come up with some wild stats. For example, more than 31 million pounds of pizza was ordered through the platform in 2019. While the most popular pizza ordered was just a plain cheese pie, the No. 1 most-ordered topping was pepperoni. In fact, pizzas ordered on Slice used a whopping 2.8 million individual slices of pepperoni.

Millions of wings were ordered as well. Buffalo wings were the most popular pizza side dish, and Slice users ordered 2 million of them last year, along with 1.5 million garlic knots and 1.16 million salads. Other data in Slice's annual report revealed that Friday was the most popular day to order pizza, though Super Bowl Sunday saw the most individual orders (followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve and the days leading up to Christmas).

New York City, home to many of America's best pizzerias, saw the most pizza orders followed by Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Las Vegas. West Palm Beach, Florida, got a shoutout as the city with the pizza scene that grew the most in 2019, followed by Columbus, Ohio; Denver; Pittsburgh and Rochester, New York. If this report makes one thing clear, it's that you can find a great slice of pizza in every state.