Fast-Casual By CHLOE Opens In Boston's Fort Point Neighborhood

The Fort Point neighborhood is easily the trendiest developing part of the city at the moment. With high rise buildings popping up every other month and heretofore bare streets sprouting eclectic eateries and other neighborhood amenities, it won't be long before this area graduates from "emerging" to full-blown hot spot.\

One of the most recent openings is the New York and LA craze by CHLOE. Plant-based, vegan, and fast-casual, this spot has unsurprisingly taken its host cities by storm, and if its opening week is anything to go by, its first restaurant in Boston will be no different.

The menu completely and cunningly pushes back on any misconceptions one might have regarding vegan fare. With colossal salads, delicious "burgers," and an egg-free brunch menu, there is something for even the most ardent meat-lover. And no, tofurkey is nowhere to be seen.

Upon my first trial of this much-anticipated opening, I demolished an order of some of its crowd favorites: The guac burger made from black beans and sweet potato and topped with tortilla sticks, corn salsa, and a heaping dollop of guacamole; and the quinoa taco salad, topped with spicy seitan chorizo, chunks of avocado, corn, baby tomatoes, and cashew mozzarella are both excellent. Texture, taste, presentation, and balance are all spot on with these dishes.

On the brunch side, the early bird with a soft tofu scramble and vegan maple sausage actually had me questioning how on earth any of these menu items are possible. Upon my friend's recommendation, the quinoa hash browns, slightly sweet and of smooth texture are charming side add-ons that will make your brunch experience complete.

Although most of what you will enjoy at by CHLOE is indeed healthy, there is no way you can avoid a twinge of guilt when eating the baked goods. Mom's cinnamon roll, the old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and Boston Cream whoopie pies — though entirely plant-based and vegan — are so hearty and flavorful that they give their more traditional namesakes to a true run for their money.

As always, you will need something to wash this all down; any of the cold-pressed juices, kombucha, or freshly made smoothies are packed with vitamins and color – unless you get their charcoal water, which is as black as outer space.

Frozen, non-dairy desserts like their push-pops with hidden baked goods inside and their chia pudding as well as other grab and go items lining the walls leading up to the register are perfect for these oddly-timed, beautiful days when you just have to be outside.

Perhaps the best part about by CHLOE opening is that it kicks off the start of a slew of other health-conscious businesses. Soul Cycle will be up and running by March 6, Juice Press is eyeing its own opening and right around the corner, Aceituna Grill, a Mediterranean eatery); Tikkaway Grill; and Yoki Express will give residents and Fort Point/Seaport area strollers-by ample options for dine-in or take-out options – aggressive workout included. Welcome to the neighborhood!