Fad Diets Too Ridiculous To Exist (But Do)

In the world of diets, there are some that sound pretty reasonable: eat small portions, make sure you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, protein, and whole grains, get lots of exercise, etc. But there are some fad diets that are just downright bizarre. Here are five that you won't believe actually exist.

Grapefruit Diet
Instead of eating a balanced meal, just eat grapefruit. Sounds like a recipe for hunger!

Cabbage Soup Diet
This diet replaces just about every meal with cabbage soup, and also does a great job of stinking up your entire house.

Israeli Army Diet
On this eight-day diet, only apples are eaten on the first two days, cheese for the next two, chicken for the next two, and salad for the final two. Unsurprisingly, it has no connection whatsoever to the Israeli Army.

Cookie Diet
Instead of eating a meal, those on the Cookie Diet eat low-fat cookies when they're feeling hungry. Those better be some nutrient-rich cookies!

Negative Calorie Diet
Adherents to this diet believe that certain foods have "negative calories," meaning that you burn more calories digesting them than the food provides. These foods include celery, broccoli, and cabbage. Some people lose weight on it because it fills the stomach with foods that aren't calorically dense.