Estate Restaurant + Bar Brings Globally Inspired Asian Fusion Fare to Santa Monica, California

Chef Hisashi Yoshiara’s farm-to-table vibrant menu includes dishes from across the world.

Santa Monica’s Estate Restaurant + Bar boasts a modern interior.

Estate Restaurant + Bar has opened in Santa Monica, California. The restaurant’s modern design includes dark chocolate plush leather booths, white brick walls, a long rectangular bar with dramatic black chairs, and a variety of hanging glass lighting accents in different shapes and sizes.

Menu highlights from chef Hisashi Yoshiara include ahi tuna tacos with ginger guacamole and seared scallops in a crispy spun potato; Brussels sprouts with sweet potatoes in a maple balsamic glaze; quinoa and baby kale salad with mozzarella; roasted jalapeno and piquillo hummus with queso fresco on flatbread; the Estate salad with salami, green beans, and artichokes; salmon with sundried tomato tapenade and walnut lime pesto; whole branzino with caramelized fennel; and Estate fried rice with steak, shrimp, and candied ginger.

Desserts include a banana cake with banana ice cream, a warm flourless chocolate soufflé with Frangelico and mocha ice cream, a Meyer lemon tart with avocado ice cream and mixed fruit, green tea tiramisu with chocolate almond cookies, and a baked Fuji apple cannelloni with caramel sauce and Tahitian vanilla ice cream.


The cocktail menu includes the Matcha Piccu with gin, lemongrass, and matcha green tea; Date Nite with apple brandy and date syrup; and The Shrink with mescal, beet juice, and honey.