You Can Actually Eat This Holiday Candle

The holidays are a great time to get cozy indoors with the scent of a fragrant holiday candle filling up the whole room. If you're burning a scrumptious scent such as frosted cookie, gingerbread or peppermint, it might make you a little hungry. Luckily, if you're burning Smith & Sinclair's Flaming Hot Choc, you can actually eat it!

Crazy Candy Cane Flavors You Won't Believe Exist

Smith & Sinclair, seemingly a Willy Wonka factory for adults, has invented the world's first edible "wax" candles. These candles look like normal candles and burn like normal candles, but can be eaten. Flaming Hot Choc's are made from coconut oil and raw cocoa butter (so they're vegan-friendly) and come in spiced orange or candy cane peppermint.

The edible wax burns just like a candle, releasing a delicious scent, but you can pour some of the melted candle wax into a drink (like a hot chocolate or a coffee) and it will add spiced orange or peppermint flavor to your beverage. While you hypothetically could just bite into one of these candles like an apple because it's edible, we don't reccommend it, as the candle is essentially made with pure fat. 

These candles retail for £15.00 (about $19) on the Smith & Sinclair website and are available for international delivery. They sound like an awesome gift idea for the people you should be buying a gift for, but aren't.