EatGood NYC Gives Cupcakes the Celebrity Treatment

Benny Lina and Carolina Wang use baked goods as a medium for art in New York City with EatGood NYC

Questlove enjoyed his EatGood NYC cupcake, as did the rest of The Roots.

Want to take a bite of out Kim Kardashian?

Now you can, thanks to EatGood NYC.

Combining their love of fashion and pop culture with the cupcake phenomenon that’s taken what seems like the whole world by storm, power couple Benny Lina and Carolina Wang are using baked goods as a medium for art. Here’s a look at some of their most iconic treats and their corresponding stories, which Lina and Wang were kind enough to share with us. 

Bill Cunningham

EatGood NYC

“Our Good friend Harry Bee from the 88 connected us with Bill Cunningham’s social media/assistant at The New York Times. We created an assortment for Bill Cunningham themed cupcakes for his 86th Birthday.  This was truly an honor for us because Benny and I have such a love and respect for New York City, and Bill Cunningham is a legend in New York!  To be able to share this day with him was wonderful, and we were also able to meet and talk to him. He gave us great advice and really inspired us to work harder.”

Cara Delevinge

EatGood NYC

“We did a cupcake version of her and some how it got back to her and she reached out and said the piece was so dope. That same week, she came to New York for the launch of her Burberry perfume. Benny waited outside for 2 hours with paparazzi, and through all the lights of the cameras, she looks up and said to her security guard, ‘What the f#%& is that?!  Can I take a picture with that?!?!?’ It was Surreal.”