An East Coast Wine Maven Brings Her Style To The West Coast

Whenever I'm dining out in New York City, I always order a glass of Wölffer Estate's Rosé and/or my absolute favorite, the No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider. It's very common to find in NYC restaurants and bars. I've always wanted it to come over to the West Coast, though.

If we can't sip on a glass of Wölffer Estate Rosé in LA, we can at least dress like we do! Although Californians still can't purchase Wölffer Estate wines in our own state, we do have the opportunity to shop for new clothes at co-owner Joey Wölffer's pop-up, The Road We Travel at Platform LA, where Joey curates a Hamptons-meets-boho collection from an array of her favorite luxe designers.

I had a moment to chat with Joey about this now-open pop-up and the future of rosé.

The Daily Meal: How will this pop-up be different from your Sag Harbor and Nantucket locations?
Joey Wölffer
: My aesthetic is always the same. But LA is sophisticated and glamorous, so for this pop-up, I added a little sparkle to my boho look. I haven't been able to showcase here, so I'm very excited for that. When Platform reached out to me, I thought to be amongst these other brands is so great.

It's the perfect opportunity to get your brand out among LA locals! Any spots you're excited to check out while you're in LA?
Pasadena flea market, for sure, and Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa.

How hectic is it trying to juggle the wine business, clothing retail, and a child?
I wouldn't be as productive as I am if I didn't do it all. I love keeping busy, but I can admit, I feel too stretched out sometimes. I'm lucky to have a good team. In fact, this is a pop-up location only, so I can do multiple things.

Rosé has grown in popularity so much over the past decade. How does Wölffer Estate separate themselves from the other vineyards?
We don't want to be a trend. We want to be around forever. We produced our first rosé back in 1995. When we did a Provence-style rosé, people thought we were crazy. And look at the popularity of our rosé now! Our goal is to serve quality wines and for guests to enjoy the vineyard.

Were you there when Real Housewives of New York showed up to the Wölffer Estate? And, who's your favorite Housewife?
I wasn't, but they're great! I've known Luann [de Lesseps] for a few years; she's a friend to my dad. So I have to pick her! It's nice [Bravo] supports us so much. There was no drama, luckily; the ladies were well behaved in this scene.

Any advice for women pursuing jobs in the creative field?
I encourage anyone going into the creative field to make sure you learn at a bigger level. Make mistakes and have some experience before you go out on your own. It's also very important to make sure your product is authentic and original.

Check out Joey Wölffer's The Road We Travel at Platform LA at 8830 Washington Blvd. in Culver City. Be sure to follow her Instagram page here.