'Drunk History' Does The Origin Story Of Colonel Sanders And KFC

If you're unfamiliar with Comedy Central's Drunk History, it's a TV show based on a popular web series where actors and comedians re-tell famous stories from history while drunk, and other actors and comedians play out the scenes using the drunk monologue. It's frequently hilarious, semi-factually accurate, and totally gross when whoever is telling the story burps or pukes.

In this particular episode, The Good Place actor Steve Berg tells us how Colonel Sanders came to be the creator of iconic fast food fried chicken chain, KFC. The Colonel is played by Steve Agee of The Sarah Silverman Program fame. Through a ton of hiccups and beer, Berg relays the story of how Harland David Sanders became the famous white-haired fried chicken pioneer we know today. Sanders had a litany of careers before becoming a poultry magnate. He began as a blacksmith's apprentice, continued on to be a farmhand, and then an amateur obstetrician. He then began a law career that ended after a physical altercation.

Defeated and working at a gas station, Sanders realizes he can attract more business by selling food — spurring him to develop a fried chicken recipe using 11 herbs and spices that takes off and brings us to where we are today. Want to learn more accurate facts about KFC? We promise we're sober. Check out 15 things you didn't know about Kentucky Fried Chicken.