Domino's Wants To Make Drone-Delivered Pizzas A Reality Soon

That pie in the sky might actually become a reality soon, if Domino's has its way.  The pizza company's New Zealand locations just announced a partnership with a drone delivery service called Flirtey and are dead serious about making drone pizza delivery a real thing, according to Mashable.

The only problem is that "the man" is still keeping them down, as New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority has not approved of their service, yet.

Still, Domino's is hopefull that they'll be transporting their pizza through flight, as soon as this year.

This isn't the first time Domino's has flirted with drone delivery, as in 2013, they tested out the concept in the UK, attaching the pizza to what they called a "Domicopter" and watched the pie float away.

Whether this actually happens or not, we can only dream of a world where pizza is flown to us in a timely manner. Until then, be kind to your delivery boy and at least tip the poor kid.