Vintage Domino's-Branded Rolex Sells For $5,000

A rare Domino's-branded Rolex Air-King made in 1989 was recently auctioned off by Christie's for $5,000. The chain still awards fancy timepieces to managers who hit certain sales quotas; to score this particular model nearly 30 years ago a manager would have had to move $30,000 each week for four weeks in a row, according to Yahoo Finance. There's no knowing how many watches the pizza chain has given out — a Domino's spokesperson says the company doesn't keep track — but apparently it's a highly sought-after rarity for collectors worldwide. 

"It does add value, as there are lots of collectors — and past employees of the company — who want them," Bob's Watches proprietor Paul Altieri told the outlet. "In general, it adds about 10 to 20 percent over a normal non-branded model."

Domino's partnership with Rolex continued over the years, but in the 2000s, designers decided to make a slight tweak to the Swiss trophy. Older watches show the chain's pizza logo painted on the dial, but newer watches feature a discreet, camouflaged variety on the band. Bob's Watches has a 2011 version priced at $5,050. For more on the Michigan-based chain that reportedly dethroned Pizza Hut as the largest pizza company in the world, here are 10 things you didn't know about Domino's.